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Donation Transparency 6-28-2013

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Well, for those of you who have been eagerly awaiting a new update to this website this may not satisfy you — most of my content these days is on Twitter and MyFDL, with occasional posts on the Horn. I’ll see about putting up some fun content here again in the near future.

This post is about donations to my WePay account. Since Feb 16, 2013 when I received my first ever donation, I’ve received $140.00 in donations. Here’s how I’ve spent that money so far:

  • $14.97 for a shockingly overpriced USB cable in an emergency on the day of Wendy Davis’ filibuster.
  • $34.00 to pay a discounted fee for the month of high speed service on my CLEAR hotspot. I can share this service with @ChristopherDiDo and others, & we won’t be so dependent on the Capitol WiFi.
  • $1.37 in WePay fees

Total: 48.97

I’ve set aside the remaining $89.66 for upcoming expenses incurred while covering the continuing battle against Governor Perry’s War on Women (and democracy) in Texas. I also plan to cover Restore the 4th events.

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