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Donation transparency 7-27-2013

Posted in Life

Reminder: most of my content these days is on Twitter and MyFDL, with occasional posts on the Horn. But I have plans for this site including a revival of A Burner Lexicon.

This post is about donations to my WePay account. I had $89.66 set aside from last month. I also received $80 in cash donations and $40 in new WePay donations. I’ve spent the following: :

  • $35.00 for assorted USB cables, purchased in stores & on GroupOn. I’ve also spent a lot of my own money on cables recently. I finally have ‘enough’ — this is somehow a big expense for a gonzo journalist today.
  • $80.99 on a new keyboard and trackpade assembly for my 15″ MacBook Pro. This is an aftermarket part & I will still have to pay about $100 to have it installed when it comes in.
  • $5.00 for Android Software (Plume for reliable Twitter posting)
  • $1.02 in WePay fees

Total: $122.01

I’ve set aside the remaining $87.65 for upcoming expenses of which there will be several. I need to renew my Clear hotspot for another month, and will have to pay to install the new keyboard when it arrives next week. I’m also traveling to Chicago next month to cover protests against ALEC and expect travel expenses (food, travel within Chicago, etc).