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Donation transparency 8-17-2013

Posted in Life

Site update: most of my content these days is on Twitter and MyFDL, with occasional posts on the Horn. I am reviving this site, however. I have cleared out a lot of spam that accumulated and will be working to update it shortly. First will be an update on my Chicago trip, and then I will to post about A Burner Lexicon.

As I said, I flew to Chicago in early August. The miles were donated to me. Other donations:

  • $130.00 in donations
  • $80.99 returned to me for the defective iMac top case assembly.
  • $10.60 returned for a defective USB cable, via GroupOn.

Plus $87.65 left over.

My expenses included:

  • $39.99 for a new top case assembly … which also turned out to be defective (missing parts). This is being returned.
  • $177.53 for a confirmed working used top case assembly and installation at an Apple repair shop.
  • $9.54 for another USB cable via GroupOn.
  • $35.83 CLEAR Hotspot payment
  • $10.61 to ship the first broken top case assembly back (the other seller has paid returns).
  • At least $85 in travel expenses just getting to & from airport, getting around Chicago, travel supplies, etc. which…

more than cover the amount I had set aside from donations.

really appreciate everyone’s donations which made it possible to cover the NoALEC protests in Chicago as well as get updates on the city’s political prisoners. I also now have a working laptop — though it’s aging, it should get me through some time until I can save up for a new one.