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SXSW Recap Wrap-Up (But LOTS More Writing To Come)

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I survived SXSW 2016 … but barely?

Unfortunately, I spent the last two days of the event recovering from a short-lived stomach bug that’s been virulently spreading through Austin over the last couple weeks, and apparently even got to at least one band, according to a music journalist friend of mine.

Now that I’m through the worst of both South By South West and my own immune system, it’s time to catch up on writing.

Here’s a recap of my recent features on SXSW:

I’ve still got two upcoming reports from other outlets:

And a lot of writing coming here on Approximately 8,000 Words, including:

Plus these reviews:

  • Orange Sunshine,” a documentary about the religious group that distributed millions of hits of LSD during the 1960s
  • Ovarian Psycos,” which profiles a women-of-color bicycle crew from East Los Angeles,
  • Pee Wee’s Big Holiday,” the new feature film from Netflix and Pee Wee Herman,
  • and “You Me Her,” the upcoming “poly romantic” sitcom.

Keep visiting my SXSW archive for the latest reports and reviews.

I can’t stress how much everyone’s support for my fundrazr helped — I couldn’t have covered the event without your donations. Even the small ones bought me a pastry or a juice drink that kept me fueled for chasing stories around downtown.

Covering SXSW as a lone gonzo journalist takes a lot of work, and a lot of money. It’s not too late to chip in! My crowdfunding campaign continues until April 1, and your donations will help pay for all my upcoming reviews and stories.

Even if you’ve already donated or can’t afford to help, you can still pitch in by sharing my writing and blog entries, following @KitOConnell and retweeting my tweets, or linking to my fundrazr, which can be found at


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