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Support Kit’s Journalism During The Texas Legislature Special Session

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First off, thanks as always to all my supporters!

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On Tuesday, the Texas legislature will re-open for a special session in which the Republicans hope to force through a host of regressive laws targeting transgender rights, abortion access, public workers’ unions, education funding and much more.

In response, activists and organizers are forming massive coalitions and planning near daily protests, rallies, and lobbying on behalf of progressive causes. Texas, once again, will be a proving ground for both the inhumane agenda of the far right and the resistance tactics of the left.

I’m working on a major freelance story about why people outside the Lone Star State should pay attention to what happens here, and I’m lining up quite a few exciting interviews. I’ve already pitched this project to a major national publication.

However, I’d love to bring regular live coverage on Twitter, Facebook and other networks. I also want to share exclusive footage with my patrons here.

With your help, I’ll be able to do more over the next month: more interviews, more photos, more front lines’ reports.

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