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Pushing Back Against The Demonization Of Antifa

Posted in Audio, Gonzo Notes, and Journalism

On Monday, September 4, I appeared on Counterpoint Radio, a weekly radio program hosted by Scott Harris on WPKN 89.5 FM in Bridgeport, CT.

Scott and I had a lively conversation about misconceptions around antifascism in the Untied States, and the mainstream media’s bizarre anti-antifa narrative:

Kit O’Connell talks about Antifa’s philosophy and views on the danger posed by the Trump presidency and the rise of white supremacist, Neo-Nazi, KKK and “Alt-Right” groups nationwide. He also examines the media coverage Antifa has received, much of it demonizing the movement’s activists as committing indiscriminate violence equivalent to that of extreme right wing groups.

Our conversation was inspired by my recent “Gonzo Notes” essay, “What Are ‘The Antifa’ Doing After Harvey?

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