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The New, Improved Approximately 8,000 Words

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This is just a short note to say thank you to all my supporters. I’ve just upgraded this homepage, Approximately 8,000 Words (a.k.a., to a dedicated WordPress hosting plan.

What this means is that my website should be faster and more reliable, with less downtime. It also gives me room to grow, if I decide to expand the site. I hope to bring you a lot of important, exciting, and enlightening stories in 2018 and I’m taking some time this month to take care of some behind-the-scenes fixes like this.

I couldn’t do this without the backing of my supporters. Thank you so much for making it possible to bring you my words and my reporting each month.

Speaking of my donors, my Gonzo Insiders are already sharing their excitement with me at the results of my recent Gonzo Giveaway. Their packages are arriving, full of stickers, zines and a thought-provoking book. I’ve still got a few extras, so if you become one of my Insiders, you’ll get all those goodies in the mail — while supplies last.

The easiest and best way to support me is still on Patreon — just click at the bottom of this post to join. I also take donations via Paypal, Venmo and Bitcoin — check out the Support Kit! page for information on these alternatives, and I’ll be looking at adding other ways to support my work in 2018.

I’m always happy to chat with my donors, or any of my readers and fans, if you have questions, concerns or ideas. Reach out anytime at

Your support brings me a lot of joy during these often difficult times for our planet. I hope you have just as much joy and warmth in your holiday season.

p.s. Since I’ve just made a major change to the site, please let me know if you find any bugs, errors, or other weird site behavior while browsing.  

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