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Announcing: The Virtual Gonzo Zine Library

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As part of my goal to create more zines, I want to read more zines.

I really believe some of the most useful radical political thinking, and activist strategy, appears in the pages of these self-published pamphlets. 

I’ve decided to curate a regular list of new, interesting, or notable zines. I’m aiming to share this list twice a year (or more often if I get really ambitious). It will be similar to the zine list I curated for the Antifascist Month of Unity in October.

I’ll be publishing the list for everyone to access online, including here on Patreon. Whenever possible, I will reach out to the author of the zines and also get a few thoughts from them. I’ll also be printing out some copies and leaving them in interesting places in real life, if I can.

The first edition will be out in the spring.

My Gonzo Insiders ($10+ donors) will get copies of all the zines in the mail from me. I’ll also throw in some cool stickers.

I hope you’ll engage with me around this project. What have you been reading lately? What zines moved you recently or taught you something?

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