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UPDATED: The Latest Research on CBD For Anxiety

Posted in Journalism, and Ministry of Hemp

I updated my popular Ministry of Hemp article on how CBD can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety with some new research from 2020.

While research is ongoing, we wanted to look at a few more recent  studies. Since we first wrote this article, even more research now  supports using CBD for anxiety. If you search online (Google Scholar is a great resource), you’ll find even more.

In February 2020, the Journal of Clinical Psychology published a case study on using CBD in a teenage patient with Crohn’s disease.  The patient struggled with intense fear and anxiety over medical  treatments. The authors cautioned that the case study can’t substitute  for a real scientific study, but results were promising. Because CBD can  also reduce inflammation, it offered dual benefits for the patient in  question. While it’s also not scientific, one of our writers, Annalise Mabe, reported intense relief from “the psychological burden/worry, abdominal pain, and overall anxiety” caused by Crohn’s.

Another February 2020 case study, this time published in the German publication Neuropsychiatrie, found CBD offered relief to a teenager  struggling with both anxiety and harmful use of mind-altering drugs.

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