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Isolation Stress-Relief Guide From Ministry of Hemp

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Over at Ministry of Hemp, I teamed up with some of my coworkers to create a Hemp-Powered Isolation Self Care Guide:

We’ve all had some hard days recently. Whether you’re in isolation or  have to work out in the world, we wanted to offer some self-care tips  to help you feel a little better about everything.

For most of us, our daily routines and regular passions have been  disrupted by the COVID-19 crisis. Even if you are fortunate enough to be  relatively untouched by this pandemic, we’re all at least shaken by  this change to our way of life. Self-care can be challenging right now,  especially if you were used to engaging with the world in ways that simply aren’t possible anymore. 

Whatever your situation during this pandemic, we hope you’re able to  take a little time each week when you can focus on caring for yourself.  That’s where this isolation self-care guide comes in. We’ve included a  delicious healthy recipe and some self-care tips we’re using to maintain  a healthy outlook. We also selected a few of our favorite hemp and CBD  products which you might find nourishing, soothing or relaxing to try.

While we don’t know what you’re going through right now, we hope the  best for you and your family, and hope these tips can give you a little  more relaxation.

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