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What Is Delta 8 THC? A New Hemp Cannabinoid That Gets You High

Posted in Journalism, and Ministry of Hemp

What happens when there’s too much CBD and prices are dropping? Well, somebody figures out how to turn CBD into Delta 8, that’s what.

Over at Ministry of Hemp, I wrote about Delta 8, the new (legal?) supplement that gets you stoned: 

Delta 8, or Delta-8-THC, is a new supplement that hemp brands are making from CBD. But unlike CBD, Delta 8 will make you feel high.

Delta 8 supplements are a new class of product that are rapidly  flooding the hemp market. While you may see them sold from brands that  also sell CBD, these products create a very distinct sensation.  Consumers that try Delta 8 feel stoned, making this more like psychoactive cannabis (“marijuana”) than CBD.

Because these supplements come from legal industrial hemp, Delta 8  supplements may be legal to possess anywhere in the United States. Many  experts think this is a legal loophole that the government will close  very soon.

“Law enforcement and regulatory bodies don’t necessarily like it when  you exploit loopholes that can get people high,” commented Jordan Lams,  founder of Moxie Seeds and Extracts.

Lams, who has over decade’s experience in the cannabis and hemp industries, helped us understand this substance.

For now, Delta 8 products are widely available. We thought it was  important to create this guide to help you understand this new cannabinoid, how it’s made and how to safely use it, if you choose to try it.

While we suspect Delta 8 is safe to use like other forms of cannabis,  we didn’t want anyone to try it without realizing how it differs from  CBD.

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