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Mutual Aid In The Media After The Texas Freeze (Podcast Appearance)

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I appeared on a second episode of the It’s Going Down podcast about the Texas Freeze.

The first part of this discussion, published last month, focused on the disaster itself. In the second part the panelists (including myself) discuss how the media, populace and local governments reacted to the mutual aid efforts:

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we continue our discussion with autonomous mutual aid and tenant organizations across Texas about the grassroots response to the “Deep Freeze” which hit Texas and other states in mid-February. The massive storms left several dead and millions without power, heat, and internet. After the storm passed, many homes and apartments were left with broken pipes, the result of dilapidated infrastructure already hit by hurricane Harvey and decades of neoliberalism.

We look critically at the way the concept of “mutual aid” risks getting watered down by the establishment. I talked briefly about how mutual aid groups need to remain agile, especially when they may be working in unstable alliances with first responders and city officials.

You can find the podcast on all the usual apps, or on the IGD website.