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OhMiBod’s Club Vibe and Anal Play

Posted in Kit Q&A, and Sex & Relationships

The Club Vibe by OhMiBod

Since I installed WordPress stats a month or so ago, I’ve been keeping a much closer eye on the search terms which people use to visit my website. One thing I keep seeing pop up are variations of the question, “Is the Club Vibe safe for anal?” Although my original review touched on this topic in passing, I thought some visitors to my site might like a more detailed discussion.

As a refresher, the OhMiBod Club Vibe is a sound-powered vibrator. A central, beeper-sized battery pack can be operated in three ways — like a normal vibrator, as a vibrator powered by an mp3 player, or in ‘ambient mode’ which uses a microphone to generate vibrations based on the sound in the environment around the user. Though the other two modes are fun, it’s clear the main attraction of this toy is for secretive public play in dance clubs, raves, parties and other high volume situations. But what if you’re a man, or a woman, who wants to use the toy anally?

For safe anal play, all toys inserted into the ass need to have a flared base. When a toy is inserted into the vagina, it can get sucked as deeply as it wants because there is only so far for it to go, and everything is retrievable with persistence. However, contractions could suck a non-flared toy very deep into your ass indeed, necessitating a highly embarrassing trip to the emergency room. This is why you have the characteristic shape of anal plugs.

The vibrations of the Oh Mi Bod Club Vibe are created by a small vibrating egg. Although it’s attached to a cord, these kinds of eggs typically break when the cord rips — therefore it is not at all safe to use the cord for retrieval. The Club Vibe as it ships is not anal safe.

This is easily remedied however. A variety of toys plug into the modular jack of the Club Vibe controller, which includes some anal toys that you could plug directly into the Club Vibe. One example is this one. However, you will find far more variety by just looking for any anal toy with a hole in the base. Many anal toys come this way — including this one and this one, just for two examples reviewed on this blog. With toys like these (and there are probably hundreds or thousands of similarly designed anal toys to choose from), all you would need to do is put a little lube on the egg that is included with the Club Vibe and insert it into the hole on the anal toy. Now your Club Vibe is ready to go for anal play — the lube will keep the egg from getting stuck but remember to pull it out before the lube dries completely. Essentially any toy that ships with an included, removable vibrator should be compatible with the Club Vibe’s egg instead.

I hope this post is useful. I am always happy to answer questions about sex for my readers.