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Review: Wet Oil-Based Self Play Lube

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Wet Oil-Based Lube was provided for review directly by Wet.

Oil-Based Solo Play lube from Wet. Great for male masturbation and not much else.

In my review of Wet Platinum silicone lube, I complained that it was too thin and messy to be effective for masturbation, I received a note from a Wet representative who offered to send me a more suitable option: their Oil-Based Solo Play lube. This product interested me because it would be the first of its kind I would try.

All my earlier lube reviews have been of either water-based or silicone lubes. Because of their ingredients they are compatible for use with latex as well as many sex toys. I consider water-based lubes “all-purpose” — good for many kinds of partnered and solo sex as well as safe for even silicone toys.

Not so with oil-based lubes. Oils can break down latex (I’m less sure about polyisoprene), making them inappropriate for safer sex. In Domina Doll‘s article on potentially harmful chemicals in lube, she cites oils as being capable of coating the inside of the vagina or anus, temporarily interfering with their ability to flush themselves of toxins. Basically, these lubes are safe for male masturbation or hand jobs and not much else.

A look at the ingredients of Wet Oil-Based Lube:

  • Mineral Oil, as discussed above
  • Vitamin E, which soothes irritated skin
  • Mixed Tocopherols, as preservatives. Some tocopherols are good for the skin in a similar way as Vitamin E.

Once you acknowledge whatever risks mineral oil might pose, this is a relatively simple and safe product if used for its intended purpose. How does it feel?

I’ve used this lube many times now during masturbation. It has an interesting and often appealing slick texture which lasts a very long time.  Not needing to reapply is often welcome, and it is much easier to clean up than a silicone lube. If I don’t wipe it off immediately because I fall asleep, it will gradually absorb into the skin on its own.

Wet Oil doesn’t feel like a woman’s natural lubrication; when I want that kind of sensation I go with a water-based lube, even though I might need to reapply or rewet it more often. The bottle is also of a similar shape to Wet’s other products; though it is taller, I try to keep it separate so that I don’t reach for it by accident during partnered sex.

If you have a penis and like to masturbate, or you’d like to give a man in your life some manual pleasure, then Wet Oil-Based Lube is a great choice.

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