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Review: Wet “Naturals” Silky Supreme

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Wet Natural’s Silky Supreme lube was provided for review directly by Wet.

Silky Supreme, a silicone-based lube somehow included in Wet International's "Naturals" brand.

OK, I’ve had enough. I rolled my eyes but didn’t comment on The Natural, an okay lube with an overly bold name. I gagged and threw away another lube from Wet’s Naturals line, the disgusting smelling Beautifully Bare. But this product is going too far — I’m completely fed up with corporations misusing the word “natural” to make a quick buck until it becomes as meaningless as describing movies with an adorable dog and a drooling child as “zany.”

Something present in or produced by nature is natural, such as an earthquake or typhoon, or a poisonous mushroom. Death is natural in the sense that to die is to conform to the ordinary course of living things in nature. … Nudity is the only natural state for animals, even humans. All clothing is artificial, that is, not natural. So are the fillings in your teeth. So is all make-up and jewelry. Bearded men are natural. To shave is to do something unnatural… Some plants are lethal even though they are natural. But if you die from eating a lethal but natural plant, you will not be said to have died of natural causes… Civilization is unnatural. Indoor plumbing is unnatural. Corrective lenses are unnatural… In fact, ultimately everything which is made is comprised of nothing but natural atoms, molecules, elements, or substances. So, if everything is basically natural, why do some people … make such a big fuss about using only what is natural? –from the entry Natural” in Robert T. Carroll’s brilliant Skeptic’s Dictionary.

If anything could prove how meaningless a word natural is, it is this product. Silky Supreme from Wet Naturals is actually a very slick, slippery and reasonably thick lube. The reason it is so slick and silky is because it’s a silicone-based lube.

As always, let’s look at the ingredients list:

  • Cyclopentasiloxane — a common silicone-based lubricant
  • Dimethiconal Cyclomethicone — another silicone-based lubricant
  • Phenyl Trimethicone — yet a third silicone-based ingredient
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate) — an ingredient believed to soothe irritated skin

Note that the word “synthetic,” often considered the opposite of the word “natural,” is the fourth word in silicone’s wikipedia entry. On the other hand, Tocopheryl Acetate can be isolated from vegetable oils through a synthetic process.

Like Wet Platinum, a product marketed in much more ethical ways, this product is likely to be reasonably safe (many cosmetic products use silicones) and stay slippery for a very long time. It is free of ingredients found in water-based lubes which cause irritation or yeast infections. As with all silicone lubricants, it’s questionable to use it on silicone toys. It’s probably perfect for shower and underwater play, but may also require soap and water to clean off completely after sex.

Despite any possible benefits, I simply cannot recommend a product that seems crassly designed to prey on ignorant people who are seeking a healthier lifestyle. Instead, I once again recommend Water Slide, a water-based lube with three simple ingredients.

To Wet International, I suggest the following: if you really believe in this product then call it something snappy and modern like “Wet 2.0.” If you stop misleading your buyers and rename this product, I’d be happy to give it a proper review.

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