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New Years Posting

Posted in Life, Occupy Wall Street, and Polyamory

It’s New Years Eve here, the last few hours of 2011. Like so many others, I’m going to take a few minutes to reflect. I’ll probably make another related post early next week — where I’ll share some highlights from this website, which had its most successful and busiest year ever in all regards.

An unimaginative choice to illustrate this blog post. Photo by J. Curley.

The poly family I started the year building is the one I ended it with, and this year brought us all closer together. We had our struggles, and I think they made us bond and grow closer together.

This year I really stepped up on behalf of my Burner community. I began the year as Web Content Lead, and gave the Burning Flipside community more information than they’d ever had access to online. Now I have been “promoted” to Content Lead, a position where I will hopefully oversee more volunteers and control more of our outward facing web presence.

Though I’m ending the year in a financially difficult situation, I have to call this year a positive one for my career. I turned the seeds of writing work into a busy year that kept me fed and housed through the power of my words and my editing. That’s an amazingly liberating thing. I have to remind myself that the situation I am in now is out of my control — the result of unethical behavior that will lead to possible legal action. I believe my skills and experience will have me back on top soon in the new year.

Not only that, but in 2012 I resolve to spend more time on my fiction writing. I love to blog here, and find most of my freelance work to be extremely rewarding. However, I know that my muse has plans for me. I’d like to finish at least one novel, of some kind, in the next year, and many more short stories.

Of course in 2011, I got involved with the Occupy movement, both nationally and locally with Occupy Austin. I participated in direct action at the Port of Houston, helping bring national attention to both what we did and the unethical behavior of our police forces. While both the occupation as a whole as well as our local version are in an uncertain place, like many I have hope for next year — for a continued people’s uprising, refreshed with new blood in the spring. I resolve to continue to be passionate about Occupy, to continue to find ways to gently encourage my friends to join, and to continue to balance this passion with the others in my life to the best of my ability.

I enter 2012 in an uncertain place, but I have hope, and love. I think that’s enough.

Happy New Years to all of my blog’s readers!

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