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An Opening Up Read-along: January 19

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Opening Up by Tristan Taormino

The new year brings a new read-along. This time, I’ll experience a book for the first time. Our subject will be Opening Up by Tristan Taormino. Published in 2008, this book is now regarded as one of the foremost texts on polyamory and open relationships along with older works like The Ethical Slut (subject of our first read-along).

This read-along will begin on January 19, 2012. We’ll begin with a discussion of the book’s Introduction, and some general information about the book, its author, and myself. I’ll encourage anyone joining the read-along to introduce themselves as well. Roughly each week thereafter, I’ll take a chapter at a time and discuss its contents and how it applies to my life and my experience of open relationships in general.

And, just like the first read-along, I hope each installment will be useful to you whether you read the book with me or not. I’ll include a little about the topics in the chapter and then create a generalized discussion from it.

However, I’d love it if some of my readers wanted to follow along with me! I urge you to buy Opening Up from a local bookseller, but you can also get it from Amazon in Kindle or paperback format. I’ll be reading the Kindle version.

I look forward to your comments, and I’m always open to questions and hearing your thoughts about open relationships, sexuality, books, or any of the other topics of this blog.

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