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Goodbye MyFDL, Hello MyMPN

I’ve worked for Firedoglake since April 2012, but tomorrow will be my last day. As FDL’s publisher Jane Hamsher just announced, unavoidable and unfortunate issues require that we bring an end to MyFDL, the site’s open blog. Instead of a site where anyone can post, it’s going to become a more standardized WordPress blog with a limited number […]

Kit Q&A: Obamacare

On some Saturdays I respond to reader questions on the blog. Q: What do you think about the Affordable Care Act? A: To almost everyone’s surprise, the Supreme Court did not strike down the entirety of the affordable care act. You can visit to get more information than you can absorb about ‘Obamacare.’ So what do […]

Kit Q&A: Oil Wrestling

On Saturdays, I sometimes answer reader questions. I am hosting a sexy event and I plan on having oil wrestling. We have been discussing the best and safest oil for this type of activity. Do you have a suggestion? Q: What is the best oil for oil wrestling? I know a little about oil wrestling. […]

Kit Q&A: Occupy Sexuality (& blog question)

On Saturdays, I like to answer reader questions. Q: What would it mean to Occupy Sexuality? Some have accused the Occupy movement of lacking concrete demands, but it is asking for a kind of systemic change which is difficult to boil down into a simple list (although Occupy Austin issued one back at its start). Once […]