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Some site statistics

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Meaningless numbers. Photo by Luis Argerich.

Back in September I installed the WordPress stats plugin. Since then I have been enjoying (and occasionally obsessing over) the information it provides me. The search terms by which people reach my site are also interesting and sometimes also funny.

Some numbers I feel like sharing with you:

  • The main page of A Burner Lexicon, my series on Burning Man slang and culture, recently surpassed 1,000 views. The most popular entry (and one of the most frequent search terms for this site) is Shirt-cocking. Of course I get a lot of traffic from posting about new entries to the relevant threads on ePlaya, FetLife, etc.
  • By far the most popular individual post on my blog is my post about BDSM & disability, Kink and Fibromyalgia. This is closely followed by Thoughts on bisexuality and visibility. I get a lot of traffic to both these posts due to my participation in e[lust].
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most visited sex toy review on my site is the oldest one, for the Harmony Wireless Wonder. I get a small but noticeable amount of traffic from participating in Pleasurists.
  • The busiest single day on my blog since September was Friday, December 10 2010 when I released the Camp Smack That Ass! story.
  • Someone recently visited my site after searching for the phrase, “where you should never touch a rabbit”. They probably ended up on my review of the Rabbit Fur Flogger. I think it’s a little late to worry about where you might be touching that rabbit. I believe that the All In One SEO plugin helps a lot in making my pages easier to link to and easier for Google to index.

Thanks for reading my blog! A Burner Lexicon returns tomorrow and I’m hoping to have an exciting announcement in the next few days about how you’ll be able to read my fiction in print.

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